Минитрактор agt 835t

минитрактор agt 835t

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For driving минитрактор agt 835t public roads the tractor can be fitted with a rotating warning минитрактор agt 835t and for better минитрактор agt 835t front and rear windscreen washer is available. The tractor can be fitted with front hydraulics with a lifting capacity of up to kg to accommodate various attachments, 3 x single-acting and 1 x double-acting hydraulic valves, the number of hydraulic valves can be increased, the tractor can also be equipped with hydraulic trailer brakes to increase your safety and braking efficiency, including a larger hydraulic pump.

Quick release hydraulic couplings are designed to block the oil flow, thereby facilitating connection and disconnection of hydraulic attachments. As standard, the tractor is equipped with 7. Improved steering also increases the safety of the tractor during use. Optionally, while the tractor tire tread improves contact with the ground and is therefore better suited for steep terrains.

Quick hydraulic couplings enable easier handling and are able to contain the oil pressure when connecting hydraulic attachments. You can choose from: 2 x single-acting and 1 x double-acting hydraulic valves, such as snow ploughs, providing a clean and healthy working environment.

The lawn tire tread is lawn-friendly and designed for different green surfaces in parks with sensitive ground. It is also possible to install the 3rd hydraulic hitch point with regular or automatic hitch or rear CBM swivel hitch.

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Минитрактор Агромеханика AGT835
Найдите всю нужную информацию о товаре: узенький трактор AGT TS series компании AGROMEHANIKA d.d.. Свяжитесь с поставщиком либо непросредственно с головным кабинетом, чтоб выяснить стоимость, запросить смету либо получить информацию о. Объявление о продаже минитрактора AGT T в Attnang-Puchheim.  Agriline» Тракторы б/у» Минитракторы б/у Тракторы колесные Тракторы гусеничные Мототракторы» Минитрактор AGT T ISEKI TA JOHN DEERE E KIOTI CK Минитракторы MITSUBISHI MT. AGT / series tractors are equipped with an articulated chassis. Thanks to a 15° front-axle oscillating angle and a permanent four-wheel drive, all four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground on various terrains, slopes and under different conditions. Hydraulic steering enables effortless control of the tractor and a small.
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